Creating Lasting Repairs

Laminate Countertop Repair And Resurfacing

by Marvin Gilbert

If you have a cut or other damage across your kitchen countertop, you will need to look into countertop repair. After patching and sanding the counter, a countertop coating can be applied. Choose a stark white coating or one that has been dyed at a home improvement center.

The Repair Process

Cleaning the laminate countertop will remove dry or liquid substances that spilled onto the surface and will allow you to focus on the blemish that is running through the laminate. A waterproof epoxy putty can be used to fill a deep impression in the countertop, like a gash or cut. Use a flexible wedge tool or a knife to apply the putty.

Once the putty has hardened, lightly sand the entire counter. If a laminate backsplash extends behind the main part of the counter, sand this feature too. Sanding the material will remove rough edges and will help the countertop coating lay flat across the counter's surface. A block or power sander can be used to complete this step.

The Preparation And Application Of A Laminate Coating

A laminate coating comes in a liquid form and may be contained in a can that is similar to what paint comes in. This type of product, however, is vastly different than standard latex and acrylic paint products. A laminate coating will be designed to be applied directly to the laminate countertop. Any trim or molding that is going to be covered with the product will need to be primed first.

The coating will have a thicker consistency than paint and will need to be stirred, prior to application.  The coating should remain in an unopened canister until you are ready to apply it since its fumes are strong. If you purchase a plain color and want to learn about color options that will help you customize the coating, bring the product with you to a home improvement center and request information about tinting the product. A tinted coating will be prepared onsite.

Purchase a foam brush and a paint tray. Tape any surfaces near the counter that you do not want the laminate coating to come into contact with. Use even strokes and a consistent amount of the coating when covering the counter and backsplash. The product will harden when it is dry. A clear polyurethane coat can be applied over the surface of the laminate coating, but this is optional. A polyurethane product will add shine to the updated surface.