Creating Lasting Repairs

Low-Cost Ways To Fix Up Your Home

by Marvin Gilbert

Many homeowners are increasing their expenditures on renovations, but you don't need to break your bank account to fix up your home. There are low-cost ways to have fresh finishes, an impressive entrance, a catchy kitchen, and a better bath. This article helps you spruce up your home through ways that you can truly afford.

Fresh Finishes

This is probably the quickest way to rejuvenate your home. Try marble cleaning to refresh old flooring. Look at paint touch-ups for furniture and walls. Replace ugly door knobs and stained back splashes. You have yourself a new home.

Impressive Entrance

There are two reasons for you to fix up your home's entrance to make it impressive: it gives the first impression, and it's probably the cheapest part of the house to update. An attractive entrance instantly gives lively vibe to visitors. There are numerous cheap ways to achieve this goal. You can buy an elegant solid brass front lock door for less than $200 and spend another $100 to have it installed by a handyman. You can add a little more charm in porch with exterior lighting like wall lantern that costs $15 to $20 apiece. You don't have to spend a fortune to make an impressive entrance, but these little tweaks make first impressions to your house better.

Catchy Kitchen

The kitchen is still considered to be the heart of any home, and a catchy kitchen can really make a potential buyer's heart skip a beat. Make your kitchen appear sleek and modern by installing utilitarian pieces such as a pull-out swivel spout faucet, energy-efficient lighting fixtures, and wise storage spots. The key is to resist adding too many accessories in the kitchen because it will only appear cluttered rather than catchy.

Better Bath

Next to the kitchen, the bathroom is oftentimes the next most important room to constantly update. You can spruce up an old bathroom floor using easy-to-install, adhesive vinyl tiles which cost as little as $8 per piece. If you have more money to spare, you can buy a new toilet and sink for around $100 to $300 and spend another less than $1,000 to hire a professional plumber to install them. These simple changes in the bathroom floor, toilet, and sink have a huge impact in making your bathroom looking better than ever.

Having an impressive entrance, catchy kitchen, and a better bath does not require throwing a large chunk of your savings. Practice minimalism and focus on the essentials to avoid spending too much on the unnecessary.