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Have A Small Fire? What Toxins To Fear

by Marvin Gilbert

If your home had a small fire and not you are left with the remains, there are a lot of things that you need to do to help get the property back to its original state. You want to call for some professional help right away, since there are some concerns that you need to be aware of with toxins in the living space, and because you want the home to be safe. Talk with a fire and water restoration company, like Icon Property, about the following things, so you know it isn't hazardous to reside in your home after the fire.

Smoke Removal and Cleaning

The smoke removal and cleaning services a fire restoration company can offer are ideal because smoke stains can affect all types of materials throughout the house. The smoke remaining in the house is also hazardous to breathe in, so the removal company will help to remove the odors and harmful toxins while removing stains. This needs to be done as quickly as possible after the fire has been put out and the space is safe.

Mold Treatment

Not only will there be remains from the fire that need to be dealt with, but also water concerns since water is used to put out the fire. The fire damage restoration company should also offer water damage cleaning services, and you will need them to extract the water from the house, furniture, and all materials, and treat the space for mold. Multiple areas of the home may have to be treated for mold if the mold spores spread or are a concern.


You want to have the areas that were affected by the fire and exposed to water sealed so that if there are any lingering hazards, they are sealed off and won't be a problem. A sealant can be applied to the walls, floors, ceilings and more. After the sealant is applied the areas can be painted or covered as they were before.

It doesn't matter if you only had a small fire that was put out fairly quickly, smoke exposure is dangerous and you don't want the smoke debris and toxins lingering around the house. You'll want to talk with the restoration company to see how quickly they can get in your home to deal with the damage and to be sure that they can get all of the toxins out of the materials in your home.