Creating Lasting Repairs

How To Restore Steering Gears

by Marvin Gilbert

If your machine uses steering gears, there may eventually come a time when the steering gears are damaged and need to be repaired or replaced. This is a job that you can hire a mechanic to perform, but you may also be able to perform the job yourself.

Perfect Installation Is Essential

The power steering gears must be installed perfectly in order for the steering gear to work correctly. Otherwise, you may later experience power steering issues and you may need to rebuild the entire box. The power steering issues that you might face include difficulties with steering and the power steering fluids might even leak.

Preparing To Rebuild The Gears

If the steering gear must be rebuilt, find a bucket to place underneath it. The bucket will be used for catching any steering fluids that drain out of the gearbox. Use a line wrench to remove the steering lines. The steering fluid will drain naturally. 

Removing The Gearbox

Find the arm that runs to the steering gear box. There is a bolt that holds the steering gear box in place. Remove the bolt. Then, use the arm-pulling tool on the arm to detach it. Detach the arm by using the arm pulling tool. Tug the steering linkage to the side out of the way. Pull the linkage until it detaches from the steering gear box in order to detach the steering wheel. Then, you can unbolt the steering box in order to remove it.

Taking Apart The Gearbox

If you will need to take apart the steering gearbox, make sure that the bearings do not fall out because they can easily be lost. Remove the large nut from the input stub on the steering mechanism. Remove the plug on the steering adjuster as well.

Cleaning The Gearbox

After you have removed the steering gear, you should clean it. Remove the sealing rings and soak them in boiling water. Use a spoon to make sure that the rings do not touch the bottom of the pan because they will melt and become useless. 

Preventing Leaks

If the steering gears are leaking, the steering gear might need a new sealer. The good news is that sealers come in standard sizes, which will make it much easier to find one that will fit your steering gear box. When replacing the sealer, you might find that the steering wheel also needs fresh lubricant as the old lubricant may have drained out.