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Four Ways To Protect Your Household From Water Damage

by Marvin Gilbert

While many people tend to not think about water damage and the destruction it can cause to their home, a staggering 37% of Americans  have admitted to experiencing the harmful effects of water damage in their households. Water damage can occur in a variety of ways whether it be floods, leaks, or broken pipes. Not only is water damage costly, mold can create health risks that no one should have to experience. Keep reading to discover how you can keep your home and family safe, before more extensive water damage restoration services are needed.

1. Observe Your Water Bill Closely

It is important to not ignore a water bill that unexpectedly spikes. This could be an indication of a pool leak, an issue with your water supply line, or a leaky faucet. Not only can this create unnecessary costs for you, noticing leaks early can save you from spending even more money on water damage in the future.

2. Install a Water Leak Detection System 

Give yourself peace of mind by installing a water leak detection system. These days, water detection devices have become more and more advanced, ensuring that your home's water system is functioning properly. Sensors notify you of leaks, humidity levels, and changes in temperature through your pre-existing home wiring system. New technology instantly alerts you of these changes through your cellphone or email address.

3. Be Proactive if You Notice a Leak

While homeowner insurance plans administer coverage to their customers in cases of accidental and unforeseen water damage, insurance companies tend to not cover damage that was caused due to inaction and lack of upkeep. Make sure that you take the time to fix leaks and other causes of water damage as soon as possible so you can avoid the headache of trying to salvage a much bigger problem at a later time.

4. Take Precautionary Measures in Your Backyard

When protecting your home from water damage, it is crucial to make sure that your backyard is also being looked after. Try to avoid planting large trees and bushes by pipes, because their roots can be strong enough to break them. If you notice that you have lots of plants and shrubs near your utility pipes, it may be a good idea to replant them elsewhere. Also, always remember to disconnect your water hoses. Water that is stuck in your garden hose can freeze in cold temperatures and potentially explode your pipes.

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